Do I have to storage the mixture refrigerated?

NO, You storage all our products at room temperature.

Which is the mixture shelf life?

All our products have 12 months of shel life, except for milk and cream that have 4 months only.

Are there in the mixture dyes or preservatives?

NO, there are not.

Are the products made in italy?

YES, we produce our mixtures using only our milk and cream and the best italian raw materials. Of course chocolate and mango are excluded.

Whic are the sizes available?

We produce our mixtures in 1 liter aseptic tetrapk or in 5-10 liters bag in box.

How do you send the products?

We send the products at room temperature.

Do you ship all over the World?

YES, of course.

Do I have to use a specific equipment with your mixtures?

NO, you can use our products with any kind of machine. From the traditional batching machines, to soft icecream maker and slush maker as well.

How does you mixture work?

It’s easy! You have just to open the carton, pour it into your machine, wait for the production to end and serve it. For the gelato liquid mixtures and the pastry propducts you don’t have to add any other ingredients, instead for the gelato liquid bases you need to add only the specific pasta or fruit pulp.

Do you have a vegan line?

YES indeed. We have a specific vegan line, plus all our fruit flavours are milk and animal proteins free.

How does you private label work?

Our Private Label is complete: we are able to customize the packagind and / or to develop new recipes based on our clients need.